On an average every person in the world uses the phrase
“am looking for” at least once everyday in their lives which means that everybody is looking for something

…. and we’re amlooking4.com

We’re a simple network platform for businesses, people and places coupled with a good & reasonable search to connect all these locally to globally

We don’t do rocket science, but enable businesses, people and places to be seeable and talkable on a hyper connected platform

How would it be if you were hyper connected to everything around you that’s relevant to you ? Create your Website Share, Post, Tag, Network, Unlimited space for photos & videos, get on the search engines & generate leads, create your blog, write columns, DIY tools …many more! Explore it today

Hyper Connect

It's a known fact that the more you’re connected, the better for your business. To be connected to the right audience at the right place at the right time is being hyper connected

For Example: If Lucy is searching for a School to enrol her kid in Frazer Town, why shouldn’t you get to know this if you’re a stationary retailer within 02 Kms from her location

It’s your global business network to connect with the world and also your local business network to stay connected to your audiences in your locality

We give you the octopus suckers to suck information relevant to you from all corners from the location of your business to inform and be informed

Stay Relevant

“out of sight is out mind” and this is why millions of dollars are spent by companies to stay on their consumer’s mind
The ones that are seen and talked about are the ones who stay relevant and how do you do this?

Lots of solutions:
  • Have money, burn it on advertising – television, radio, print & so on…
  • You’re not on the web, lots of people to do up a website, but to keep it updated every single day – get a pro to do this for you
  • You don’t show how up online, want to be on the search engines - hire an expert and keep paying them to keep you above the water
...or you can choose better, easier and cheaper options

We provide channels to connect to your potential customers or audiences to keep engaging all time to be relevant. Its like you’ve just launched a Novel books line in your stationary retail and people staying around your store who love reading novels are instantly notified about it

Get the audience you want, from the location you want and keep the conversation going about everything you do and not do and stay in their sights to stay on their minds … and you wouldn’t mind if all these are FREE, isn’t it

It’s Easy, takes less than 10mins.

How would it be to do up a brilliant website, add-on tools to be visible and stay connect with your potential customers all the time all by yourself in jiffy and not pay anyone to keep your head up all the time?

Especially for Micro & small business network we know that its always a challenge to put up a website, keep it active and fresh all time, to be on top of search engines and not pay every time you want to update.

A customised website, add up the content you want only to change any moment you want to, the banner, the colour, font all of them of your choice. Top it up with a simple & nice looking gallery that can take a few thousand photos or videos. You can also add up any document collaterals like your brochures, flyers, etc., we wouldn’t mind

You’ll love being an extra large size for a change! We have no size restrictions. Do whatever you want to keep your site relevant and we’ll love it

Do It Yourself, its fun and easy

Its not all, use the DIY (Do It Yourself) tool to stay engaged to your audience any time, from anywhere and from any device, increase you’re chances of being seen on search engines, start your own columns blog, create groups & invite people relevant to you on it, chat up with the world, tune it to whatever-where ever to stay updated with information relevant to you…& many such things

Don’t take our word for it, go ahead & explore it
You’re not going to lose anyways, It’s FREE

It’s yours for life
amlooking4.com is a business network platform to host your business and people on it. The site you just created is yours. You can use this on all your collaterals like business cards, catalogues, flyers, letterheads and your advertising campaigns for your customers or audiences to connect with you

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